How do I get started?
The first decision is the memorial style you would like. It is good to start by knowing the regulations of the cemetery and where the monument will be placed. Once you know the restrictions, if any, you can choose the monument that best suits your need. We can assist by letting you know what your options are and the type of memorials a particular cemetery in our area allows. We offer individual and companion memorials, all of which can be customized. Visit us, and let our staff help you in the decision-making process.

Can I supply a photograph or my own artwork?
Yes! If you have a photograph or artwork that you would like placed on your monument, our artists will replicate the design and ensure the design and artwork are suitable for etching on granite. There is an art fee that is applied, and the cost depends on the size of the monument.

How long does it take for a monument to be made?
This depends on the stone size, shape, and color (whether the monument is in stock or needs to be special ordered). The standard monuments will take 8-10 weeks after approval. If it is a custom monument or one that is not in stock, it may take around 6 months after approval.

How long will my monument last?
We use the finest granites from all over the world. Each monument is extremely durable, and with proper cleaning, can look new for decades after being placed in the cemetery.

What factors influence the price?

  1. As in most items you purchase, the size of a monument is the most important factor. Typically, the larger the monument, the more it will cost.
  2. The number of polished (or smooth) sides can be a factor. To have the top and/or sides of a monument polished normally costs more than having just the front and back polished. Polished sides are easier to keep clean, so this is something to consider.
  3. The design will also affect the price. Our prices typically include names, date(s), and a standard carving on the front. Additional carvings, lettering, or attaching photographs and/or medallions will influence the total cost.

Is there a difference in the different types of granite?
There are differences in quality. Some granites absorb moisture and will darken in areas, while other granites can have deposits of iron ore, which can oxidize on the surface and cause unsightly spots over time. Other granites are large grained and not suitable for memorialization as the engraving does not present itself well. At Dayton Monuments, we only offer high-quality granites.

Can I see the lettering and design before monument is made?
There are many types of designs and letters which are standard and are included in the price of a memorial. To be sure your memorial is exactly the way you want it to be, Dayton Monuments will send you a scaled rendering of the memorial via text or email. We will not proceed with the order until you approve the layout and confirm the dates are accurate and that everything is spelled correctly.

Is the cost of a passing date included in the original purchase price of a pre-need monument?
The cost of a final date is never included in the cost of a pre-need monument at Dayton Monuments. This is primarily for your protection as we would not want to collect your money now and not be able to deliver such a service in the future.

What should I do to have a date of passing put on a monument?
There are two simple steps necessary for Dayton Monuments to add a final date to a monument.

  1. First, we need you to ensure the memorial is clean, meaning free of dirt and/or mildew.
  2. Second, please visit us so we can fill out a Cemetery Work Order Form and obtain your signature to confirm the name(s) on the monument and the date that needs to be added.
Once these steps are taken, we typically try to add the final date within a couple of weeks. It may take a little longer if we have to order a stencil to match a custom font.

Can I make payments on a monument?
Yes! A deposit of at least 50% will get your order started. You can then make payments, or you can pay the remaining balance when the monument is ready. Once the balance is paid in full, we will schedule a time to set the monument in the cemetery.

Can I pay with a Debit or Credit Card?
Yes! Dayton Monuments does accept plastic, but the credit card processing company will add about 3.5% to the purchase price. Therefore, it is less expensive to write a check or pay with cash.